About DIY Leeds

DIY Leeds exists to champion independent culture in Leeds and the surrounding area.

Underground music and art scenes; cafes, bars and restaurants; poetry and literature; voices from our streets; we aim to cover it all.

We do this because we believe in it and are constantly on the search for likeminded individuals to contribute interesting articles. Opinion pieces, reviews, interviews, overviews, alternative views… text-based, photography, art… if you feel you have something interesting to offer and think it suits what we do, get in touch.

Local creative, musical artist, small business owner? Have you a story you feel needs to be told? Send us a message now.

Now in it’s third incarnation, DIY Leeds has been designed and maintained over the past six years by two friends in what spare time we have in our busy lives; the ethos of the site is what keeps us going, finding new articles, artists, social issues and underground events.

As such, we’ve restored and backdated a selection of articles from the original websites and posted them here for you to enjoy.