Goodbye, Mint Club

March 7, 2019By DIY LeedsArticles, Features, Gig Reviews, Music No Comments

I need to stop going to gigs on acid. Well, I don’t, because it’s brilliant, but I probably should when I intend to review them objectively because it makes everything sound so completely different. Tunes sound four dimensional. Mixing on acid is either awesome or impossible. But anyway, I digress… I’d not actually even been … Read More

Flamingos Cafe

February 18, 2019By DIY LeedsArticles, Features, Food & Drink No Comments

Alongside pineapples and Salvador Dali, the flamingo is one of nature’s greatest achievements when it comes to expressing flamboyance and ridiculousness. That combination of elegant head and ludicrous beak; the penchant for standing on one leg; their insistence on eating only food that makes their feathers pink… they are Eurovision, Pride and Divine rolled into … Read More

Interview: On Rotation

November 9, 2018By DIY LeedsArticles, Features, Interviews, Music No Comments

We caught up with On Rotation residents Chris I’Anson, Alex T and Marlon Morris ahead of their fourth birthday party with Katiusha and CCL at Open Source Arts tonight… DIY Leeds: So tell us about how you got started? Chris: Well there’s only one original member left Alex: Chris is the oldest member Chris: That was … Read More