I don’t particularly like Beaverworks as a venue. I played in the main room several times for Feed The Love and found it a bit of a chore (bad monitors, sound clash with the room next door). Once, though, I played in the basement, and that was an entirely different thing.

The basement as Beaverworks is the perfect home for a techno night. The disused machinery, stark walls and low ceiling seem made for the music. Or vice versa.

Tensile host regular events in this space, and I went down two weeks ago to support my friend Nigel Rogers (Perseus Traxx) who was playing a live set with Alex Handley, his collaborator on Northern Powerhouse.

Sub:Terranea resident Dan Jackson played the warm up set. He was the only DJ I saw that night as I left before the final act (I had to be up early and hadn’t set out to review the night) and he started things off perfectly going from slower, atmospheric sounds to harder tunes, which paved the way for Tell Her, who played next.

Tell Her (Stuart Merchant) makes some blinding and brutal techno and his live set was impressive and got the dancefloor going. (He also gave me and my housemate a record before we left, which was sound as).

Nigel and Alex were more about the melodic and acid sounds. Their set was at times thumping and at times quite heartrendingly beautiful. I meant to ask if it was recorded. I hope so.

Words: Roya Brehl

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