Manfredas at Wharf Chambers last weekend was one of the best nights I’ve been to in ages.

Organised by the guys from Outlaws and my mate Vilija, this had been something I’d been looking forward to for a while.

The whole weekend for me was a series of smash and grab missions based around my own and my friends’ gigs.

Firstly, me and Jonny Townsend were playing at Growlers in Headingley, then I was heading to Wharf, then I was getting on a coach to Bristol with Freaky Behaviour, who were playing for Duvet Vous the following night.

Things began by not going according to plan, as it turned out Growlers had double booked us. This was actually almost a relief as it meant some time to chill before going out, and also that I’d be able to catch the warm up sets.

Again, not quite according to plan, I mistakenly thought the night began at midnight, when in fact it started at eleven, so I missed Joe Gill’s set.

When I got there Alex Grzybowski was playing, filling the space with weird and wonderful sounds.

The back room at Wharf is an excellent space too. The kind of place where you feel like nobody’s bothered what anybody does combined with great music, a good sound system and a lot of people who look very happy is pretty much all you need really.

Manfredas was awesome. I knew he would be good, but this was way above and beyond all expectations. He played a more booting set than I was expecting, which was perfect for the time and crowd and atmosphere, and what a set it was!

He dropped a fairly obscure tune that my mate plays – I’m not sure what it is or who it’s by, but I remember thinking ‘I’ll have to tell Kitchen about this’ and then not long later he dropped another tune I recognised – a proper bizarre gem that my housemate often puts on ( on the label Bahnsteig I believe) and I also recognised a couple of awesome obscurities from my own collection. Every time this happened it sort of added to the buzz, because you do, obviously, often hear DJs play tunes that you or your close friends and collaborators play, but it was like he’d picked all the best and weirdest ones.

The whole thing set me up for the weekend. Freaky Behaviour were mint on the Saturday night, the whole night was great (Bristol has a good scent) and on Sunday we managed to score a lift back to Leeds with one of the DIY crew (thank you!). More weekends like this, please!

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