So your weekend is over and it was the same old story: A few casual halves after work on Friday and the old “yeah, I’m just having a quiet one, I reckon”. Then before you knew it, it was Monday night, you woke up on a stranger’s couch, covered in grass stains and feathers, you missed two lectures and had 38 missed calls from your boss.

Time to take our advice and keep that vibe rolling into Tuesday night. Quit your job and sign on the dole, then head out to Wharf Chambers to drench yourselves in the delightful sounds of Party Fears and Nervous Twitch.

Nervous Twitch DIY Leeds

Hailing from Berlin via South Korea and Northern Ireland, Party Fears is brought to you by former BaekMa bandmates Maggie Devlin and Eilis Frawley. Expect a punk-tinged patchwork of catchy hooks and deeply satisfying choruses, something akin to Weezer or Pavement, with vocals that lay somewhere between Karen O and Poly Styrene, with a sprinkling of the Wilson sisters 70’s output with Heart.

Support will be provided by Leeds-based Nervous Twitch, a glorious mashup of garage rock sounds and pop sensibilities. Invoking the nonchalant ‘yeah, so what?’ attitude of The Runaways and throwing in some great early garage riffs a la Death, The Stooges and The Ramones, this trio will surely provide the perfect soundtrack to a casual pogo.

Nervous Twitch DIY Leeds


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Words: Josefus Haze

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