Another great line up from Butter Side Up, I was looking forward to this one.

This was a Leeds debut for Gene On Earth, and the second time in August I’d be catching a set from The Ghost, and from Hamish and Toby.

When I first moved to Leeds, I used to go to Butter Side Up on my own.

I didn’t know as many people here as I do now back then, and I wanted to go out and listen to the music I loved, and Butter Side Up always had a great line up.

Another night I went to regularly was Louche, one of the biggest underground parties at the time. Their final night at Mint Club was in 2014, and, as many of you will know, founder Josh Tweek went on to form The Ghost, a mobile record and genre-spanning DJ duo store with James Creed.

The Ghost played an awesome set at Houghton, as did Hamish Cole and Toby Nicholas, and that was still fresh in my memory as I headed to Butter Side Up. As expected, again, the selection was second to none from all the DJs.

A happy occasion when the tunes are awe inspiringly good and the club is open until 7am, still not long enough when a party is this good.


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