I went along to the Dimensions / Tribe night at Wire on Friday night…

Alex T and Simon Scott were opening, playing some dark electro. The club was filled with smoke – more so than usual – which went well with the music.

The tunes were brutal and spectacular. A much heavier opening set than I am used to compared with most nights I go to, but in a way that most definitely worked. I did not want to leave the dancefloor.

Following this, Bristol-based DJ, Danielle played more techno, but less dark. A subtly genre-panning set. Again, I was loathe to go out for a cigarette.

There was – as most times – a pleasant, friendly crowd in Wire. Somebody came in with a beach ball and I was thinking that I’d be pretty fucked off if I was playing and it got thrown into the DJ booth. But nobody was that rude or stupid, which was nice. I’d just started considering the possibility of bringing inflatables to our nights when the doorman came over and confiscated it.

There is a sweet spot in Wire where the sound is absolutely perfect. It’s in the middle of the club, quite near the back of the dance floor area, and that’s where you’ll usually find me. At some point, though, I will go up to the front, as it’s fun and somebody usually comes and drags you over anyway. I was happy to stay in the sweet spot for as long as possible at this night, because the tunes were consistently brilliant the whole time I was there – which regrettably was not until the end, as I burned my arm a while back – frying halloumi of all the stupid things – and I had a hospital appointment in the morning. I didn’t really want to go, but I’m glad I caught what I did. My collaborator on DIY Leeds, Joe Haze, did better than me and actually managed to get to two nights on Friday, including the later part of this one, so I imagine his write up will take up where I left off….


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