Ahead of their night Space Ritual with Luv*Jam & Sequential (Live) at Wharf Chambers tomorrow night, we caught up with Slacky to talk about the event and label…

Space Ritual Wharf Chambers DIY Leeds

We’re looking forward to your night. Always like to hear a live set. Tell us a
bit about the DJs/producers

We’re beaming down Luv*Jam who doesn’t mess about. His sets are guaranteed
to block your sink. He’s also one half of Oddnipp who weaved together our
first release (Oddnipp Secret Nippers)

Also we’ve got Sequential AKA Alex Hughes & Alistair Beecham knocking out a
live hardware set 12- 1. They mean business! Expect plenty more action from
these wizards…

You’ve been playing/organising events in Leeds for a while. What are your
favourite venues and why?

Outlaws Yacht Club, Wharf Chambers, Mabgate Bleach & Cosmic Slop would be
my recommendations, they all have the fun people & events on cask.

You’ve got two excellent releases. How did the label come about?

We vacuum packed a few donks, freeze dried a few wonks then Secret Nippers
& Various Lurkers popped out! Fully Calibrated…

The artwork is amazing too. Can you tell us about the artist?

Hamish Brindley is the lurker behind our artwork. He’s been at it since we
started the mini donks in York. The art direction escalated into it’s own
weird vibe which we’re very happy with…

Space Ritual DIY Leeds


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